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Best Modern living room design

Best Modern living room design, the living rooms are one of the most important rooms at all in the house, as they are the rooms in which all family members meet and spend most of their time in them, so today we were keen to provide basic rules for designing elegant and attractive living room decorations.

The interest in the living room is no less important than it, as the living room is the place that brings family members together after a school day or a long workday, so care must be taken to carefully select the furniture and decor of the place, so we have collected the most important ideas for living rooms that help you create an ideal family atmosphere in Home.

1. Simple living room decorations:

A wonderful design for the living room decor includes a gypsum board ceiling in degrees for a dark position, with several interior lights, a beige parquet floor, and a light gray shade with curtains of colors.

If you have a small space in a room, sit down, then this simple design includes off-white embossed walls with modern sofas in gray shades with light brown and blue curtains.

As for this decor, it is suitable for people who like dark colors, as it relies on a caramel wood floor with lined walls and a chaise longue decorated with dark gray.

 Contemporary living rooms There is nothing better than having a modern and contemporary living room in your home, in which you spend a relaxing time with family, guests, and friends, whether you prefer the decorative character of the wooden surfaces or with metallic touches, you can combine classic and modern elements of the decor of your living room.

2. Living room furniture :

The furniture in the living room is the most important element, modern sofas distributed well on the borders of the living room area give you a wonderful opportunity to relax with family and friends, the living rooms are designed according to the needs of each family and according to the number of its members and their interest.

Modern living room designs Modern living rooms offer a variety of seating options, so they can use the room to relax and unwind, but at the same time, they are ready to receive a light dinner for family members or watch programs and games.

Decorations for living rooms 2020 are not conditioned on expensive materials, most of us tend to the idea of having a library in the living or living room and always in our minds the traditional shape of the library that includes all the elements of the room, modern designs give you modern shapes and decorations using light materials such as gypsum board and wooden panels to make units Spread over the room area to keep books and living room collectibles.

3.The importance of living rooms:

Living rooms Those rooms, without which the tone of the rest of the house cannot be set, is also an ideal place that reflects your high taste in choosing the decoration and the beauty of design through the merging of harmonious colors, entertainment, and modern communications with contemporary furniture.

 it is assumed that the living room is comfortable and calls for optimism and has bold touches that reflect Your favorite directions, So must basic rules you must follow when designing living rooms, The general style of the place Before starting any equipment, you must choose the style of the place, and there are two different styles you can choose from They are the classic style and the modern style, and each one of them has its own style and shape. Modern Style, It depends on the use of modern furniture and decorative pieces that incorporate metal and glass in their design.

The classic style, It depends on the use of classic pieces, which are usually designed from natural materials such as wood and others. Colors The colors are generally the color of wall paint and other colors, whether the color of chairs, sofas, and other decorative pieces used in the place. Furniture pieces When choosing the pieces of furniture for the place, we must take into account the size of the furniture with the area of the room in which this furniture will be placed, if the area of the room is small, we must choose suitable pieces of furniture for the place and have a small size that does not make the place crowded.

4. Steps to coordinate living rooms:

We will present to you a list of steps that can be applied in order to organize and coordinate living rooms of various areas. Area and measurements, First, the area of the room must be measured, as it is one of the most important steps, as space will determine the size of the furniture used, and the corners that can be added in the living room.

 For example, the living room can be allocated to watch TV and gather the family only if it is a small living room. It will not absorb more than that. Whereas, if the room is a little larger, the living rooms can be designed for other additional purposes, such as allocating space for children to play or a corner for study, as it is considered the most appropriate place to study in the absence of separate rooms for study.

The color of the sitting room After determining the style of decoration, we talk about the most enjoyable step for lovers of coordination and decoration, which is choosing room colors, as the use of light and dark colors together is the best choice for the living room, but remember that dark colors make the living room area appear smaller, so if you want to The room appears larger than it is, so uses light paint colors. One of the modern and popular ideas in the 2019 living room decorations related to wall colors, one of the living room walls can be painted in a color different from the rest because this modern look will be the first thing that will catch the eye and make the room look more beautiful.

5. Living rooms with additional family corners:

Living room It has a study corner, Families are interested in using the space to serve more than one job, for example, it is possible to add a space dedicated to studying, place a study desk, and ensure adequate lighting in it, as well as decorate the place with letters related to letters to spread positive energy in the place that stimulates study. Corner to play, A corner of the room can also be designated as a children’s play area, and many baskets and lockers can be placed for storing toys, taking care to follow safety and security standards to protect children from harm. As for families with teenage children, they may want to put a pool table or a tennis table in the corner of the room, and darts board can also be installed on the wall, or add a closet that contains card games, and some choose to put video games for their children in it. Snacks and drinks corner If you have extra space, a snack cabinet or a small refrigerator can be placed for drinks. It is also popular at the present time to allocate a coffee corner that includes a table containing a water heater, a coffee machine, instant coffee packages, and cups, and it would be nice to place family photos on the wall, or a map showing the places the family visited.

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