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Sewing curtains

Curtains not only provide insulation and privacy, but are also a simple yet distinctive way to frame a room.

You can make a room appear larger, add a splash of color and diffuse natural light depending on the type you choose and how you hang them.

Finished curtains

Reduce your installation effort with Wohnlichshop pleated curtains, you can specify the fold size and pitch, and we deliver the curtains ready to hang. If you buy our ready made curtains and want a certain size, we sew it for free. Just send us a message when you buy.

Repairing curtains

If your existing curtains, regardless of manufacturer, are in quite good condition, but only need to be repaired or modified, we can help you.sometimes repairing torn seams or seams or replacing missing hardware like eyelets or chains can give your curtains years of life.


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