How to choose curtains for your home?

We can sometimes say that designing curtains is an art from the art of decoration and high-end design, just like the various home decorations that help to create an artistic and aesthetic character that expresses the taste of the owner and reflects his personality
The art of designing curtains has recently taken off in the world market due to the great changes it has undergone until it has become an indispensable part of private homes. Below you will find a comprehensive overview of curtains and their types as well as the selection of the right curtains for your home

1. Types of curtains :

As an important part of the house, it must fit in all corners where it is placed, as the curtains used in the bedroom are different from those used in the living room or guest room, bathroom and children’s rooms

Taking into account that it is dirty and can be easily washed and dried, while maintaining a refined and appropriate appearance, as well as taking into account the type of fabrics, sewing method, colors, patterns, decorations and general shape We also point out that there are many types of fabrics for curtains, which determine the place of use. For example, there are satin, silk and velour fabrics that perfectly match the living room or reception room.

If you like peace and quiet and deep sleep, you can rely on blackout curtains that prevent the penetration of light and sunrays. This is considered one of the best options for homeowners in bedrooms. However, if you prefer to enjoy the warm rays of sunshine in the room, our experts recommend you to rely on curtains with transparent fabrics, which have few rooms.

2. Bedroom curtains:

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house as it offers you more comfort and activity to start the day’s walk. Use calm and warm colors like light brown or white. It is worth choosing a loose and smooth fabric to provide your bedroom with psychological comfort and peace.

In addition, the curtains must be completely opaque to avoid the abundance of sunlight, which can cause great inconvenience. For the measurements, our experts recommend adding thirty-five centimeters on both sides of the window, as the height should be about five centimeters from the floor if you want to place the curtains all over the wall to give the bedroom a more elegant look

When the room is entered by the sun’s rays, we recommend, based on our experience, to rely on light colors that have an effective and magical effect on the room. The most famous of these colors include red, burgundy and oil. However, if the room is not exposed to the sun’s rays and depends on the lighting of the lamps, we recommend that you work in dark colors. You can use more than one layer for curtains to achieve a uniform appearance in the room, for example, if you rely on curtains with more than one layer or with dark lines and rely on another curtain in a neutral color. To give the room an aesthetic touch: Before choosing the color of the curtains, the destination of these curtains in the rooms must be defined. This means that the children’s room needs more vivid colors than the bedrooms. Therefore, define your goal to use curtains to get an aesthetic view and combine all the colors of the furniture or to highlight the window.

3. Curtains for children’s rooms:

We all know for sure that children’s rooms need to be treated more carefully because of the ease with which they get dirty. Therefore, we recommend the use of curtains with a soft and plastic nature to prevent dirt from being absorbed and easy to wash
It is also advisable to use light colors such as yellow, blue and green with some comic drawings etc., and it is recommended to avoid black and white in the room. You must also choose curtains made of durable fabric, especially for rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, such as cotton and rayon, so as not to expose the curtains to damage from sunlight.

You have to take some things into account, if your children’s room has a small area and you prefer light decorative colors, then choose curtains with light colors and paint the room in neutral colors. It is better if the length of the curtain is smaller than the length of the wall so that children do not trip over it. And if you prefer simple shaped curtains, choose colored curtains, because these curtains are fun and decorative for children because of their wonderful patterns.

4. kitchen curtains:

The kitchen curtain is one of the things that will give your kitchen an elegant look. If you change it, you can feel a significant change in the appearance of the kitchen without spending exorbitant amounts of money. However, there are a few important points to consider to ensure that you choose a curtain that is easy to clean and that pays special attention to the safety standards in the kitchen for you and your children

The kitchen is the second most exposed room in the house, exposed to dirt and cooking smells. Therefore, it is recommended to use a non-flammable fabric that is easy to wash and install and is not soft to prevent the penetration of odors and dirt. The curtain is made in one piece.

Venetian blinds made of wood or metal mats are perfect curtains for the kitchen. Easy to clean regularly, but if you choose some kind of fabric curtain, you should avoid buying heavy curtain fabrics to avoid absorbing the vapors and fats that are volatilized during cooking, as they absorb twice as much normal amounts and are later difficult to clean and wash.

5. Living room curtains:

It is the most elegant and important room in your home. For this reason, curtains must be chosen very carefully, taking into account the proportionality and regularity of colors in the room and following a pattern of different hues. If your living room is furnished with light brown colors, dark brown or white curtains can be installed. It is recommended to avoid black, as the sun rays cannot pass through. The curtain fabric must be made of satin, velvet or velvet silk without drawings or some simple designs on the sides, to give the room a serious, refined and comfortable character at the same time. When measuring curtains, our experts recommend using a curtain that runs along the entire wall with a height of five centimeters above the floor and thirty-five centimeters for both sides of the window.

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